• Anyone can become an ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR  and use the FreeWorldImports Marketplace  to make money.
  • Individuals who want to become an  ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR  can participate in this groundbreaking business opportunity in the following manner :

    1. Opt to utilize our link based model which enable them to create links to any product within the marketplace which can be shared via email, social media and other digital mediums . These links contain  identifiers that will ensure that the entrepreneur receives compensation when a purchase is made on a linked item containing their identifier.  There are no fees associated with this option, participation is completely free of charge.

    In order to participate in this groundbreaking business opportunity, prospective FWI online entrepreneurs who are serious about making money are encouraged to utilize the link to the online entrepreneurs registration forms found on this page to register or  they can contact us via email or telephone.

  • There are no registration fees or monthly recurring charges. This is completely free, participants earn commissions on the sale of  linked items which they promote.  USA based FWI ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS are eligible to register for a CASHBOX account which a includes PREPAID VISA CARD  and a VIRTUAL CHECKING ACCOUNT this will enable them to receive commision payments within one (1) hour after a transaction is completed.